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Information for Students and Parents

About Pianos

All students need access to a piano to practice on

Acoustic verse Electric


A traditional acoustic piano is always the best options for all students

It gives the unique experince of touch and sound that can not be duplicated

​What is an acoustic piano?

An acoustic piano is a piano with hammers that hit the strings to create vibrations to make sound instead of producing sound digitally with samples

There are two kinds of acoustic pianos, uprights and grands


Why an acoustic?

  • Pianos are instruments capable creating different tones, colours, and sounds which a recorded digital sample can not fully recreate

  • Acoustic piano keys are made of wood and are longer and heavy than electric keys. This gives them a different touch and makes the keys more sensitive

Here is a great article about

Acoustic pianos are similar to cars in that they need regular maintenance in order to sound and operate their best!

Here is a great source for 

Electric pianos

Often parents choice to start on electric pianos because of cost and convenient 

When choosing electric pianos look for

  • a full keyboard of 88 keys

  • weighted, touch sensitive keys

  • damper pedal (built in or an attachment)

Piano Stores in Calgary to check out



In Red Deer                                                                                                 Can you hear the difference in sound?    Check out this video, can you hear the difference?

*Electric rentals are also available from here

Measure + Treble Clef-01.png

Piano lessons are a time commitment and practice is essential for progress

Lessons are only once a week, but students should be prepared to practice at least five days a week, reviewing and working on what was learned in the lesson as well as doing written theory

Parents are encouraged to monitor student's practice times and read weekly assignments to make sure they are practicing correctly. 


Practice FIRST for accuracy

SECOND speed

SLOW practice is the most EFFECTIVE



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