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Music Lessons

Piano Melodies Studio has been offering piano lessons since 2008!

Because the piano is such a visual instrument, piano lessons are a great introduction to music!

Lessons include a balance of musicianship, theory, technique, repertoire and music history.

Students are taught with variety of materials based around the Conservatory Canada or Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) system.

  • Exams are optional goals that are agreed upon by teacher, parent and students

MUSICIANSHIP: Students will learn with the help of solfege how to make music and play expressively.

Students will explore both the sound, patterns and structure of even the simplest pieces in order to learn to play music that sounds good. As a helpful tool to enhance reading music.

THEORY: Music theory is taught not just through work books, but through practical application of pieces and analyses

TECHNIQUE: How to play piano efficiently is encouraged through a full body approach to technique. In order to avoid injury and enhance playing skill and musicality

MUSIC HISTORY: Topics of music history and style are incorporated into lessons. 


Lessons offered

Piano Melodies Studio offers individual, weekly piano lessons for all levels

Young Students




Theory lessons

Young Students (30 min)

Lessons for 3- 5 years old!

Folk songs are taught through singing and rhythm, while incorporating keyboard elements. 

Students will learn how to:

Recognize pitches

Sing and play solfege patterns

Keep a steady beat

Recognize and play rhythms

learn basic musical symbols

Parents should be prepared to stay for lessons and practice with their child(ren) at home

Beginner (45 min)

Lessons for 6-11

With the use of solfege students learn scales, pattern recognition

Music reading is taught by guide notes and patterns and is reinforced with sight reading and theory books

Pieces are RCM based with an emphases on student/ teacher duets

Later Beginners and Adults (45 min)

12 years old and up!

It is never to late to start piano lessons! 

Focus is on chording and scales to develop keyboard geography

Lessons are suited to students goals

Intermediate/ Advanced (45-60 min)

Repertorie consists of pieces from the RCM syllabus

supplemented with other genres

Theory lessons (30-60 min)

All levels of general theory knowledge

Placement exam prep

Theory for corresponding RCM exams

  • RCM Rudiments Level 5, 6, 7, 8

  • Harmony or Keyboard harmony Level 9 and 10

  • History 1, 2 and 3

Studio Polices

Students require a maintained, tuned instrument to practice on at home

All students are expected to practice every week and read lesson notes and assigned homework. This ensures progress is made and makes lessons more enjoyable.

The studio has a no refund lesson policy.

Please provide 1 weeks notice to cancel a lesson. No refunds will be granted for no-show lessons.

One months notice is required to terminate lessons

Any lessons canceled by the teacher will be made up at a time mutually agreed upon

The teacher maybe have to reschedule or cancel lessons due to performances




Performance Opportunities



Annual student recitals

Other performance opportunities include:

Participation in music festivals

Master classes and group lessons

Visits to local seniors home

Others as available


Piano Lesson
Practicing Piano Notes
Playing Piano
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