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Dara Fensky is an accomplished accompanist and teacher. Originally from Crossfield, she began teaching in her home based Crossfield studio in 2008. She worked in Airdrie, Calgary and area teaching at several different music schools and accompanying a variety of choirs including the Calgary Girls Choir and Airdrie Women's Choir, mentoring instrumental and vocal students, as well as ballet classes at Fun 'n' Dance studio.

She has as deep passion for all aspects of music, although she finds particular job in collaborating and performing with other artists.

In 2018 she began teaching and accompanying in Red Deer.


Dara is also interested in injury prevention and efficient use of movement through body mapping. She is an Andover Educator Affiliate under the mentorship of Andover educator Michele Wheatly-Brown.


In 2017, Dara completed her Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Calgary's School of Creative and Performing Arts, where she studied her instrument under Charles Foreman. In addition, she also holds her RCM certificates in Grade 10 Practical Piano, Advanced Theory and History, and Basic and Intermediate Piano Pedagogy. She is registered music teacher, member of the Red Deer branch of ARMTA and a member of APTA (Alberta Piano Teachers Association) and strongly believes in the importance of life long learning.

Dara feels it is important to be a well rounded musician. In addition to piano, she has sung in choirs, studied voice and has played flute in the University Symphonic Band. 

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